Loren Gray is a self-made phenomenon with no limit to what she can achieve. At the age of 16, she’s already established herself as an entrepreneur who matches her unstoppable drive with authenticity and vision. And with her magnetic vocals and heartfelt songwriting, Loren is now transforming her lifelong musical passion into a thriving and thrilling career as a recording artist.

Edgy and high-energy, unapologetic and empowering, Loren’s distinct brand of pop is built on the soul-baring honesty she’s always granted her fans—a 14-million-deep following with whom she shares all the highs and lows and in-betweens of her everyday life. With her effortlessly charming and relatable presence, the L.A.-based artist maintains an above-and-beyond commitment to her fanbase, a dedication that involves taking time each day to respond to DMs and host live chats to check in with all those who’ve stood by her over the years.

Loren has approached the creative process with greater self-assurance than ever before and zeroed in one key goal: her genuine desire to empower her fans to accomplish their own epic dreams. “It’s so important to me that they know we’re in this together, and that if I can do all this, then they can do it too,” Loren says. “I truly believe they can do anything they want.”